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SWC Southwest Colorado - Images by Natalie HellerSouthwest Colorado

Images by Natalie Heller

This award winning book features 50 color photographs embracing the splendor of the San Juan mountains and valleys; wild flowers, aspen, snow covered rivers, historic mine buildings, steam trains and ranch life photography. It has won 5 national awards for best photography and best coffee table book in 2016.  120 pages, Linen hardcover with dust jacket.

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The Amazing Journey of Solomon the Sockeye Salmonam

The Adventures of Solomon the Sockeye Salmon

By Pamela Cannalte (Author, Editor), Steven Beutler (Illustrator)

This story tells of the lifecycle of Solomon, a sockeye salmon. Solomon’s 2,000+ mile journey begins and ends in the headwaters of the Russian River, in Alaska. However, Solomon’s amazing journey is not without its perils, as vividly described and illustrated by the creators of this book.” Children’s Picture Book for Ages 4-8.

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A Ranching Legacy

By Rafael Routson
Published 2005, 263 pages

This beautiful, full-color coffee-table book encompasses amazing photography and artwork along with eloquent text describing two historic working ranches in Southwestern Colorado that have been protected by conservation easements. This book has been recognized with three national book awards and effusive praise from readers.

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A Heritage in Iron, $50


A Heritage in Iron

by Rafael Routson ($50)
Published 2004, 215 pages
This volume is a tribute to the artists who designed and the blacksmiths that forged the exceptional ironwork on two historic Southwestern Colorado ranches. Praised by readers and judges alike, this book has earned three national book awards.

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Volume 1: The Early Years, $40


The Life & Times of Vince Kontny,

Volume 1: The Early Years

By Vince Kontny ($40)
Published 2010, 196 pages (full color)

The first in a four-volume series, this chronicle is filled with stories of life on the Great Plains, family values, travel and history; and how they intertwined and influenced daily living. In addition to family history, the book explains day-to-day life in that period (~1937 – 1959). For example, Kontny tells of driving a tractor as a six-year-old boy, and of his family’s involvement in the famous North Platte Canteen, which catered to servicemen on the troop trains stopping in North Platte, Nebraska, during World War II.

This book is attracting attention from award programs as well as other publications. An excerpt was featured in the April issue of Country magazine; another in the August/September issue of Farm & Ranch Living magazine. The 2011 National Indie Excellence Awards pronounced it the autobiography winner.

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Volume 2: The Seabees and Me, $40

 The Life & Times of Vince Kontny,

Volume 2:  The Seabees and Me

By Vince Kontny ($40)
Published 2011, 203 pages (full color)
The second in a four-volume series, this memoir covers the six tumultuous years the author served in the U.S. Navy Seabees in the Pacific and Southeast Asia during the 1960s. The story starts when a young farm boy from rural Colorado joins the Seabees (Naval Mobile Construction Battalions) and is sent to Rhode Island to attend Officer Candidate School. Part adventure story and part history, this book provides a glimpse of how the U.S. military trains its people, and how the Vietnam War escalated through a tragic series of well-intended, albeit misguided, decisions. Hot off the press, this book is receiving many favorable reviews and will compete in award programs shortly.
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VK3 Cover Art

The Life & Times of Vince Kontny,

Volume 3: A Career in Construction

By Vince Kontny ($40)

Published 2013, 392 pages (full color)

The third in a four-volume series, this memoir covers the wide-ranging and adventurous career of its author in the global construction industry. The story begins when a Colorado farm boy hires on as a laborer to build a concrete grain elevator, follows him to railroad work in Alaska and into the Australian Outback.

After these early experiences in construction, the author records his life in the ranks of Fluor Corporation—an industry leader. When he retired as president and chief operating officer, Fluor was the larges engineering/construction company in the world. Readers will enjoy a vicarious journey as the author recounts the challenges and opportunities that presented themselves during construction projects on all seven continents.

Far from being a technical trade publication, this book offers real-life examples of how attitude and leadership can make all the difference between success and failure. Additionally, readers are offered a behind-the-scenes look at how large, public corporations can grow, stumble, right themselves and grow again based on decisions made at the top. Whether you’re interested in construction, leadership or are a student of management, this book provides significant insight along with global adventure.




The Life & Times of Vince Kontny,

Volume 4: The Golden Years

By Vince Kontny ($40)

Published 2016, 248 pages (full color)

The final book in a four-volume series, this memoir covers the quest for locating, purchasing and restoring an historic ranch in Southwest Colorado. The story begins with a dream the author had in his early years and the vision that never left his mind throughout his travels around the world. As life happened, a second historic ranch was also located, purchased and restored as part of the journey.

With a salute to the hard-working, creative and resilient pioneers who homesteaded not only Southwest Colorado, but the entire west, the author describes what life was like on these beautiful but challenging ranches. As time marched on and the original owners passed into history, Kontny picked up the reins of stewardship and sought out organizations that supported conservation easements as a way of preserving this priceless slice of Americana for future generations.

Readers with an interest in the history of the American West, ranching and preservation will appreciate the foresight, thought, hard work and heartfelt care woven into this volume.

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